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The Absolute security guard services in Haldwani

ALP Security has been providing Security Guard services to the Corporate as well as individual clients in Haldwani. ALP Security does not compromise with quality and our motto is to provide the best security guards services to our clients. Safeguarding companies, events, residences, banks, etc. is the duty played by a security guard. Security guard services in Haldwani provide absolute security services at an effective cost.

ALP Security offer various specialized services including guard, bouncer, bodyguard and any type of security services in Haldwani, uniformed guard Services, Security Guards, female security guards, Security Gunman Services, Bouncers for Events and ATM/ Bank Security Guards and many others as required by our clients time to time.

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Types of personnel services

Security guards differ according to the requirements of the clients hence security personnel can be classified into:

  • In house or Proprietary i.e., employed by the same organization or company they work and protect.
  • Sentry: A person to keep access to the place.
  • Security supervisor to keep control of the place and meet with employees and clients to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Private officers and special security guards.
  • Client service supervisor
  • Public security
  • Private security i.e., working for a private security company and protecting various locations.

The most common type of security guard position

In every job or organization whether it is a small or a big business, hiring security guards is the best option to protect an organization or a residence or banks from various criminal activities and ensuring yourself a feeling of safety. Security guard services in Haldwani ensure you the same. Before hiring a security guard you must be aware of the types of security guard services provided by our security guard agency in Haldwani. There are different types of security guard services:

Contract security guards

Security guards who work in this type of security are employed by a private company who is hired by a client. The security guard is on a contract basis and has to attain all the desires mention in the contract and its all under the company to fulfill that contract accordingly. And when the company hires a security guard directly, this is the proprietary arrangement. The organization or agency will be liable for all the training, overseeing the employees.

Personal security guards

Personal security guards give protection to individuals. These are generally highly trained and armed during the course of their duty because they are generally hired for bank managers celebrities or VIPs or corporate executives. Personal security guards are generally in uniform. Employed after complete verification of credentials, check experience and validation of all documents. You can contact us for the best security guard services in Haldwani.

Residential personnel

Security guards hired for a residence or a property are the ones who are hired privately. They endure complete protection of residence or property and the person in the residence. They keep total access control over the location.

Armed and Unarmed security guards

Armed guards generally carry guns and weapons with them and are trained with firearms, they require more hard training than unarmed security guards. They have generally military background. Whereas, unarmed is physically efficient and trained with various up-to-dated fighting techniques.

Related Queries frequently asked from security guard services in Haldwani

Yes, we have verified individuals before hiring them. We check all records required documents, employment records, and even their criminal records.
Depending upon the situation (private or commercial) and requirement security guards should be hired. Our security guard services in Haldwani offer you trained, armed and unarmed, bouncers, bodyguards, etc.
We provide updated training to our guards they are physically fit and technically up to date they are good at handling every type of situation. They undergo a rigorous set of defense, fitness and security training.